Cigalus's Estate - Corbières

Cigalus, a place created from the passion and the intuition of Gérard Bertrand, at the roots of our story and our move towards biodynamic agriculture.

With the purchase of Domaine de Cigalus in 1995, Gérard Bertrand finally found the terroir he had been looking for so long. A terroir where noble grape varieties, both red and white, can express themselves in an exceptional and original way while still preserving a Mediterranean authenticity, the very identity of Languedoc wines.

Gérard Bertrand decided to adopt biodynamic methods and the estate was awarded the Demeter label in 2010.



The Cigalus estate benefits from a warm and sunny Mediterranean climate (of a semi-arid type with a temperate springtime variation), allowing for an advanced ripening of all the grape varieties.

The estate is cultivated in Biodynamic agriculture.


The aridity of this climate (low rainfall) is compensated for by deep soils (sediments deposited by the Aussou, the stream that delimits the property), which stores winter rainfall longer, but whose fertility is limited by the presence in the subsoil of a slightly calcareous sandstone dating from the Campanian period (secondary era, before the emergence of the Pyrenees).